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What is CoMIQuaL Project?

The CoMIQuaL project is a neutral, transparent, distributed and collaborative platform for measuring the service quality of Internet access of mobile and ADSL users in Lebanon. Measurements are periodically performed by agents installed as applications on users' mobile and computer devices. A central server aggregates all the measurements statistics, generate quality indicators (QIs) for each location and ISP/Mobile operator, and publish the QIs using users' friendly visualization techniques.
Ultimately, the project will build a collaborative, independent and transparent observatory that quantitatively assesses the Internet Quality in Lebanon from the userís perspective. By providing quality measurements, the project will encourage and help providers to enhance their services as well as the Lebanese government to accelerate the transition to the broadband Internet. Hence, all Internet community in Lebanon will benefit from such a project. Moreover, the research community could use this platform to make more advanced measurements requiring cooperation between agents (e.g. tomography techniques). 

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